Our Story

Founding Leaders

Sing! Community Choir was set up in Summer 2012 by four friends: Bethany, Naomi, Tizzy and Tom. We had met in a university choir, and wanted to keep singing now we were older! From the beginning we wanted Sing! to be a community choir – run by a group, not just one leader, and encouraging others to get involved and have a go. Today we still work like that – everyone is encouraged to have a go at teaching, conducting, leading a warm up, doing a solo, etc.

A couple of years later, Daniele joined our leadership team, and we then said goodbye to Tom when he became a dad! After several years of leadership Daniele decided to step down in 2018. In 2022, we were delighted to welcome Diana to our leadership team.

In October 2017 the first Sing! committee was created, to help us with the day-to-day running of the choir. Each committee runs for one year; nominations take place towards the end of each Summer term. The committee is overseen by the current leadership team of Bethany, Naomi, Tizzy and Diana.

Our Team

Founding Leader

I’m Naomi and one of the Founding Leaders of Sing! I’ve been singing in choirs since I was nine years old and also play the piano (although I get really scared playing in public!).

My responsibilities in the choir is to choose with other members of the team the songs to sing, to find teachers for our workshops, conductors to help with our concerts, and to organise the weekly rehearsals as well as running teaching & conducting workshops. Outside of choir I enjoy walking, singing in an a cappella group, and drinking tea!

Founding Leader

Hello, I’m Tizzy and I sing as tenor. I have been part of the Sing! Leadership team since the choir started in 2012. I enjoy sharing my passion for music with all ages, both with our choir members and the children I work with in schools.

I love finding any excuse to have a choir social and have a boogie along to our songs and love enthusing people to get involved with our Sing! community.

Founding Leader

I’m Bethany. I’m one of the Founders of Sing! and really happy to still be one of its musical directors many years on! I love arranging songs for the choir, teaching and conducting, and always get a buzz when a song comes together and I can see the delight on everyone’s faces!

Inspired in part by my experience with Sing!, I’ve since qualified as a music therapist and now work with adults with learning disabilities, sharing the joy of music with those who need it most.


I'm Diana and I've been part of Sing! since 2014. In my first year at Sing! I had a go at teaching and conducting for the first time, and I've never looked back! For the past four years I've been part of the music team, helping to select music and run rehearsals, and learning so much along the way. 

I'm super excited to now be joining the leadership team. Sing! is one of the most joyful and rewarding things in my life, and I'm so happy I get to play in part in supporting this awesome choir and community.


Hi, I’m Becca and I joined Sing! In January 2019. I’ve always loved singing and sang in a similar kind of choir at University years ago but had done nothing for a long time. Once my children were not quite as little I decided it was a good time to join a choir again. At Sing! I get the chance to sing a huge range of great songs as well as meet lots of lovely people. The rehearsals always give me such a buzz and are a highlight of my week. When not at choir I can be found looking after my own children or helping to run Toddler groups and a Beaver Scouts group. 

I’m now the secretary which means I do things like send the weekly emails and answer enquiries from people wanting to join. It’s great to be able to do a small bit to help the choir run each week and hopefully help others enjoy it as much as I do.

Music Coordinator

Hi! I’m Beth, and I’ve been involved in Sing for around 4 years now – I’ve been part of a variety of casual choirs and bands since I was young and it was important for me to find a place where I could just enjoy making some music. Choir is always the highlight of my week now – it is a wonderful source of friends, community and fun, and I love that it’s a place where everyone can just get stuck in and produce some lovely outcomes. 

I am now one of the music team, which means I help to choose songs, and organise teaching, warmups, and conducting. Some of this has been a new challenge for me, but the choir and committee are always really supportive in giving people a chance to get stuck in and learn new skills!

Media Coordinator

Hi, I’m Andy and I sing with the basses. As Media Coordinator I look after the bits of Sing! that are on the internet, including the website, social media accounts, and the tech that powers them. It’s also my job to make sure people know as much about Sing! and what we’re up to as possible!

I joined Sing! in 2019 looking to meet more people and be part of something bigger – and boy Sing! did not disappoint! Sing! Community Choir is as much a community as it is a choir, and I am continually blown away by the generosity, kindness, and warmth of the people that surround me each week as we sing. In this role I am happy to be able to give back something to the group that has given me so much.

Events and Socials Coordinator

Hi I’m Jon and I joined Sing! in 2017 after watching "The Choir" series on the BBC and seeing how much fun they were all having! I had no idea if I could sing, nor which part I was suited for, and was quite apprehensive at the start. I discovered at the first rehearsal that I’m a bass and rapidly settled into this fun and energising group!

For a long time I was the self-appointed unofficial unelected pub secretary (which appealed to my rebellious tendencies!) but now I’ve grown up and taken on the Events and Socials Coordinator role 🙂 It’s a great opportunity to help build connection and community among our members that is a big part of what Sing! is about. I lead the organisation of the annual Sing! Weekend Away, as well as other socials throughout the year.

Music Coordinator

Hi, I’m Alex. As a music coordinator, my role is to help with organising all aspects of the songs we sing – from selecting repertoire to coordinating part teachers and conductors.

In 2022 I was looking for a group I could join in Cambridge which would give the opportunity to meet new friends in Cambridge and tap into my musical side – and Sing! ticked all the boxes! I went along to a taster rehearsal and before I knew it I felt like a firm member of our friendly bass section, and I started volunteering to do warm-ups, part teaching, conducting and even a solo. In Sing! I have found such a supportive bunch of people who encourage each other to make the most of their talents and have a lot of fun (and of course tea and cake!) along the way.

Outside choir I can often be found out running or cycling in the countryside around Cambridgeshire – probably whilst singing whichever new choir song is stuck in my head like an earworm!


Hi, I’m Claire. As Treasurer I’m responsible for choir finances, covering everything from subs to concert and weekend away costs.

I joined Sing! at the start of 2022 and it soon became an important part of my life. I quickly made friends and getting to sing as part of the Alto Army in this amazing choir full of lovely people from all walks of life is something I look forward to every week.

Concerts and Performances Coordinator
Hi, I’m Shona. I joined Sing! in 2015, looking for something where I could meet people and be me and not my boys mum!  
Sing! has more than fulfilled that role and I’m pleased to be able to give something back to the thing that gives me so much joy. 
This year I’m the concert and performances coordinator, which involves making sure everything is in place so that we can show off what we put so much effort into learning during the year in our twice yearly concerts and other community events.