What Sing! means to me

— By Marie (Pictured at the Sing! Weekend Away 2022)

I love the fun, creative, accepting, we’re-all-in-this-together atmosphere of Sing! Community Choir.

I love that it’s a community of like-minded, but also very diverse, people. We represent a wide range of ages, backgrounds, opinions, passions – with a shared love of making music. And I love that Sing! makes music accessible – there’s no need for any formal training or even to read musical notations. It’s fun feel-good music that you can’t help but tap your feet and/or sway to.

I love that there’s space for everyone to contribute in their own way; whether you’re an aspiring soloist who wants to break yourself in gently by joining a semi-chorus or duet or whether you’re a shy distinctly average singer who likes to hide at the back (or at the front where you can actually hear your part-colleagues much better for reassurance). 

Whether you love to bake, or organise, or make recordings, or store equipment. Whether you can conduct, teach a part, show people where the pub is or lead a simple warm-up; there’s a place for you at Sing! and the choir really does run as a community.

I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve been at Sing! but over that time, I’ve made new friends, been inspired and moved, learned a lot, had so much fun and been a small part of making beautiful music.

When I’d had a long hard day / week I used to sometimes skip a Thursday night rehearsal because I just felt too tired. But now I never skip a rehearsal if I can help it because – even if I felt drained beforehand – singing with lovely people uplifts me; re-energises me; and I leave with more of a spring in my step, humming away as I cycle home.

At the annual weekend away, and other social events, I’ve enjoyed the chance to get to know other choir members better whilst eating, chilling out and doing all sorts of activities together – from a treetop adventure course to board games and tiramisu making!