Glad tiding we Sing! Together

Sing! came highly recommended and it has not disappointed.  I have found a wonderful group of people wanting to come together for the joy of singing, getting it right (most of the time – laughing about it when it’s not quite there), but most of all enjoying ourselves whilst we take part.  This week is particularly exciting for the build up to the Christmas concert on Saturday.

In the past year, I have performed in two concerts, been carolling, had the choir weekend away, been to the UK choir festival and performed at Mill Road Winter Fair.  Oh, the weekly rehearsals – with lots of cups of tea and chatting with some wonderful people.  Such a mix of members – some with more musical experience than others, but each adding to a wonderful sound.  Personally, I joined a complete novice, having only had a couple of karaoke nights since school choir days (and neither of those nights were sober).

I’m looking forward to my first Christmas concert this Saturday to top off a great year, performing in front of some friends over for the weekend, having last sung in a school concert with them a fair few years ago.  More than this, it will be a celebration of all the hard work and fun we’ve had over the past months.  Some jolly singing with a great group of people – come and join us.