COVID-19 Guidelines for Rehearsals

COVID-19 Guidelines for Sing! Rehearsals

After surveying Sing! members, we have introduced guidelines to help ensure safe and enjoyable rehearsals for everyone.

Here’s a brief summary of the key points – please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns not answered here.

Do not come to the rehearsal if you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been instructed to self-isolate

You must take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of the rehearsal. If the test is positive, do not attend. Exemptions apply for those with natural immunity.

Please wear a face covering when moving around the building, if you’re able to. You can remove your face covering when standing in the choir and to sing.

We’ll be using a CO2 monitor to ensure excellent ventilation while being conscious of the temperature. As we may have more doors & windows open it may get a little cooler than usual, so please dress accordingly.

Please use the hand sanitiser when you come into the building and if you move rooms during the rehearsal.

As much as we’d like to provide tea and cake during the break, please bring your own drinks and snacks for now.

Complete the registration form before each rehearsal, either online or at the door. This helps trace contacts if needed.

Be your usual kind, considerate and lovely selves! We’ve tried really hard to make a plan that enables us to sing inside while also keeping everyone safe. Some of you might think we’ve gone overboard on the safety front; others might feel really nervous about attending. We want everyone to feel safe and able to attend. So please follow the guidelines we’ve set out and be kind to each other 😀