Another Great Term of Sing!

I can’t believe it’s Easter Sunday today and April tomorrow! Which can mean only one thing- another term of Sing! is already over…but what a great term it’s been!

We’ve had another fantastic term of singing, with an abundance of tea, cake and laughter along the way! It’s been great to see both old and new faces at rehearsals, with rehearsals being as lively and fun as ever! We’ve learnt some cracking new songs- including ‘Rule the World’, ‘I Get Around’ and ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing’, which people have embraced with full gusto!

When we started Sing! one of the things we were really keen on enabling, was for people to be able to meet others with shared interests and passions through Sing! Being an avid baker myself, I suggested we combined Sing! and baking on a Thursday evening- and so ‘sectional baking’ was born! 🙂

It’s been such fun having each section take turns to show off their baking skills (and for us all to enjoy the results!)- we certainly weren’t disappointed! I’m all for breaking gender stereotypes, so it was great to see both the guys and girls getting involved. The lads’ creations certainly didn’t disappoint!

So what will it be next term that brings singers together? Photography? Films? Football?

If you’re a Sing!er and you’ve got something you’re passionate about or love to do in your spare time, why not suggest it and invite Sing!ers to join you? The possibilities are endless- who knows where it could take us?! 🙂