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Our Story

Tizzy, Tom, Bethany and NaomiThe Founding Leaders

Sing! Community Choir was set up in Summer 2012 by four friends: Bethany, Naomi, Tizzy and Tom. We had met in a university choir, and wanted to keep singing now we were older! From the beginning we wanted Sing! to be a community choir – run by a group, not just one leader, and encouraging others to get involved and have a go. Today we still work like that – everyone is encouraged to have a go at teaching, conducting, leading a warm up, doing a solo, etc.

A couple of years later, Daniele joined our leadership team, and we then said goodbye to Tom when he became a dad! After several years of leadership Daniele decided to step down in 2018.

In October 2017 the first Sing! committee was created, to help us with the day-to-day running of the choir. Each committee runs for one year; nominations take place towards the end of each Summer term. The committee is overseen by the current leadership team of Bethany, Naomi and Tizzy.

Our Team

I’m Naomi and one of the Founding Leaders of Sing! I’ve been singing in choirs since I was nine years old and also play the piano (although I get really scared playing in public!). My responsibilities in the choir is to choose with other members of the team the songs to sing, to find teachers for our workshops, conductors to help with our concerts, and to organise the weekly rehearsals as well as running teaching & conducting workshops. Outside of choir I enjoy walking, singing in an a cappella group, and drinking tea!

Hello, I’m Tizzy and I sing as tenor. I have been part of the Sing! Leadership team since the choir started in 2012. I enjoy sharing my passion for music with all ages, both with our choir members and the children I work with in schools. I love finding any excuse to have a choir social and have a boogie along to our songs and love enthusing people to get involved with our Sing! community.

I’m Bethany.  I’m one of the Founders of Sing! and really happy to still be one of its musical directors many years on! I love arranging songs for the choir, teaching and conducting, and always get a buzz when a song comes together and I can see the delight on everyone’s faces! Inspired in part by my experience with Sing!, I’ve since qualified as a music therapist and now work with children with special needs and adults in palliative care, sharing the joy of music with those who need it most.

I’m Shona and joined Sing! in January 2015. I’d been looking for a choir for a while and I’m so glad I found Sing!  It’s an evening when I can be me for a few hours having a laugh and enjoying singing a wonderful variety of songs. It’s a wonderful community and I’ve learnt lots of new things, and not just about music. I wanted to give something back to the group and so I am the Event Organizer – lots of socials to come in the near future to get to know each other better!  Outside of choir I am mum to 2 boys and I enjoy walking our Samoyed dog, and being crafty!

Hello! I’m Clare and I joined choir in October 2017 to meet local friendly people, and Sing! came highly recommended – and it hasn’t disappointed! I’ve enjoyed singing in concerts for the first time since high school, had fun at rehearsals, and gone on the weekend away (you’ll find me on the high ropes!!)

As Treasurer, my role is to keep the Sing! finances in balance, working with the rest of the committee, making sure that we can keep going in our rehearsal, events  and perform concerts together. Any questions about subs or about how we spend our money catch me at rehearsal!

Hello I’m Emily and I have been a member of Sing! for about 5 years and it is such a fantastic family to be part  of. Even if I’m feeling tired on a Thursday night, it always energises me and I come home singing,  bouncing and dancing! I am the Secretary which means you will get an email from me every week telling you everything you need to know about what is happening.


I’m Diana and I’m part of the Sing! music team. I love Sing! so much – the sense of community and the joyfulness of choir always make me feel uplifted!
Over my 4 years at Sing! I’ve gradually become more and more involved with teaching parts and conducting songs, which has been an amazing experience for me. Being part of the music team means I get to keep learning and I can give more back to the choir by helping to plan the music programme and the rehearsals – hopefully giving people that same uplifting feeling as I have!

Hi I’m James and I joined the choir in 2016 to meet up with people from the community and have some fun singing!  What’s really impressed me is the opportunities there are to get involved in all aspects of the choir – conducting, suggesting songs, leading warm-ups, even making the tea!

I joined the committee recently, taking over as Media Coordinator, so if there are any questions about the technical side of things e.g. this website, our Twitter feed and other social media sites, then do get in touch via the Contact page.

Hi, I’m Elliott and this year I’m the concerts and performances coordinator.  I’ve been singing with the choir since January 2017 which was as soon as I could join after I moved to Cambridge, having missed the preceding Autumn sign-up window. I’d researched about Cambridge choirs before moving and Sing! stood out as looking friendly and fun, and offering a mixture of songs.  I’ve made friends and I definitely feel I’ve picked up a lot. I’ve even arranged, taught and conducted now! 

Although my role is a fairly new addition to the committee it was born of necessity. Organising and keeping track of when, where, how and with who we perform definitely requires a dedicated position. I’m still new to the task, but I’m always on the lookout for new venues and opportunities for us.  So if you have a connection with a college, spied a care home that might like some cheering up, or know of a charity looking for some donation encouragement let me know.

Look out for more names coming soon…!